L&C is best reached via email: info@lebelandcrowe.com

Origin & Philosophy

We want your visit to feel like hanging out in a chill friend’s living room. The music is just loud enough, the vibe is relaxed, and you leave feeling like the best version of yourself — the version with amazing hair.


Established 2012 by Emily Lebel & Jesse Crowe, the entrepreneurs built a cozy shop on Queen St West which featured plants, pillows, art and sunlight. Caitlin Gordon joined in 2014, bringing even more sunshine, and as the clientele grew, the need for space did too. In 2015 the ladies created a warm inviting space in the burgeoning Brockton Village, adding the bright and cheery Melody Bostelaar to the team of talented stylists. 

When a maternity leave left a chair open in 2017, the team pulled Danielle DeMers into the busy city, and loved her so much they kept her! Adding barber, and kindest man alive, Will to the group at the same time was a no-brainer, and that's how you'll find the bustling shop today.


647 351 1491

1491 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON, M6K 1T6