We offer our services based on length of hair, length of service, and always include wash & dry. If you are looking for a major change (very dark to very light, long to super short) shoot us an email and book for the longer service. Other questions? Email us:



Short Cut [buzz to chin]              $30-$55

Medium [chin - shoulders]           $55-$70

Long [below armpit length]        $65-$75+

Bang trims                             Always free!

Kids [up to 16yo]                       $25 - $35



Upstyle                                      $75+

Blowdry                                           $40+

Styling [full day/half day]  $500+ / $300+

*Weddings               Consultation required


Root Touchup [root colour & ends refresh]                       $70+

Full Colour [roots to ends colour service]                         $80+

Partial/Full Highlights [classic foil application]        $120/$130+

Balayage/Ombre [virgin application]                               $150+

Balayage/Ombre Touchup                                               $140+

Lightening [roots & toner]                                                 $90+

*Full Lightening [call/email for consult]                            $130+

*Colour Correction/Major colour change                        $200+

*Consultation Required


We understand life happens and you may need to re-schedule or cancel an appointment.   We ask for at least 24h notice.  You can follow the link in your confirmation email to cancel, re-book, or email us.