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Emily Lebel

Working as a hairstylist is something I have thought about since I was a kid, butchering my barbie dolls’ hair. I was a quirky, fun, outgoing little one, always making crafts and learning to knit and sew. I didn’t go straight into hair school, but after 5 years of working every job under the sun, I couldn’t take working 9-5 in an office a minute longer and began to do some serious soul searching. While sitting in my hairstylists chair, going on about how I was so unhappy with my job, he put a little idea in my head: “What about hair?” From that moment, my passion for hair was ignited. I went to study at the Aveda Institute for hair, graduated, and for the years that followed I worked for some of Toronto’s leading salons. My most fulfilling job yet? Lebel & Crowe.

Overheard in my chair

  • Travel stories
  • Good eats
  • Knitting/Sewing chats

Jesse Crowe

I grew up creative. From a young age my parents had me playing music, taking drama, painting, and being the family photographer. Naturally as I grew older, I wanted to find a career where I could constantly be expressing those tendancies. From beauty school in Saskatoon, I moved to Vancouver to apprentice and work under a team of unbeatable stylists. I trained in Bumble & Bumble, cutting alongside L’Oreal Professional colour training. Then Toronto called, where I’ve been living and working ever since. Aside from hair styling, I keep my hands busy with analog photography, painting, and playing in bands.

Overheard in my chair

  • Chats about art/photography/painting
  • A ridiculous accent
  • Stories from the road of touring

Caitlin Gordon

I always knew what I wanted out of a job, but didn’t know what the job would be. A career where I could exercise creativity in some form, work closely with different types of people, and do something different every day. While attending a Fashion Arts program, I realized hairstyling would be a better fit. From there, I attended the Aveda Institute and Academy, and proceeded to work at one of Aveda Canada’s leading salons. After about 5 years, it was time for a change. I needed something different, something more personal. That desire brought me to Lebel & Crowe, and it’s a perfect fit.

Overheard in my chair

  • Chatting about my goofy sweet dog, Frank
  • Cooking & juicing tips
  • Giggles

Melody Bostelaar

//PLEASE NOTE// Melody will be going on Maternity Leave in January, and is currently not accepting new clients//

Growing up, I was the imaginative one amongst my peers — always seeing things just a little differently. I pursued art through all my schooling, finishing university with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with Honours and a minor in Psychology. I moved from Windsor (or as I like to call it: South Detroit) to Toronto, and after a few years working full time at a photography company and displaying art in shows, I found I wanted more hands-on, less nine-to-five environment. Hairstyling crossed my mind as an option so I inquired about apprenticing at a flourishing salon. After a few months folding towels and washing hair, I was in love. Enrolling in hair school is the most fulfilling decision I ever made.

Overheard in my chair

  • Creative exploits (photography/knitting/embroidery)
  • Family histories
  • Embarrassing stories

Danielle DeMers

When I began hair styling, I was most excited about entering into a career where I could be creative and express my personal style. However I quickly came to realize, the most satisfying part of it all for me is the feeling of knowing I made someone feel beautiful. After apprenticing in my home town of Goderich, Ontario, I was given an opportunity I could not turn down. I took a leap of faith and ran my own successful hair salon, The Bayfield Beauty Shop, in the village of Bayfield on Lake Huron. Life and love has brought me to Toronto and right into the arms of Lebel & Crowe – and I couldn’t be more excited!

Overheard in my chair:

  • Food & wine
  • Home decor & design
  • Cats!